Take a transition as parameter and print the corresponding transition property The $transitions parameter can be either a registered transition name or a custom css transition like : all .2s ease-in-out 2s The $transitions argument will be parsed with the [./_s-parse-properties.scss] function.

Name Type Description Status Default
$transitions { List } The registered transition(s) name(s) or the transition(s) strings(s) to transform into list required

Return { List } The corresponding transition list properties


    // register a transition
@include s-setup((
        transitions : (
            fast : all .2s ease-in-out 0s,
            // other transitions...

// registered transition
.my-cool-element {
        @include s-transition(fast>);
        // transition : all .2s ease-in-out 0s;

// custom transition
.my-cool-element {
        @include s-transition(fast -delay .5s, fase width ease-in);
     // transition : all .2s ease-in-out .5s, width .2s ease-in 0s;

Author : Olivier Bossel