• Renaming package
    • Gridle package name is now coffeekraken-gridle
  • Transform all mixins, functions and variables names to:

    • dash-case
    • replace all "gridle" by "g"
    • Mean gridle_setup has became g-setup, etc...
  • Mobile first:

    • Remove the gridle_register_default_mobile_first_states()
    • Add the g-register-mobile-first-states() mixin
    • Add the g-register-bootstrap3-states() mixin
    • Add the g-register-bootstrap4-states() mixin
  • Move directory:

  • Stop supporting bower and ruby gem package distribution.
    • Gridle will be available only through NPM or by direct download
  • Remove Gulp and Bower in profit of simple node scripts defined in the package.json file
  • Clean and restructure the repository
    • Add an install script that clean some files
    • Add to the root the _index.scss file to be able to import gridle easily
    • Add to the root the _flex.scss file to be able to import gridle flex driver easily
  • Rename gridle_generate_classes to g-classes
  • Rename gridle_generate_custom_class to g-custom-class
  • Removing totally the obvious and unused default states (tv, retina, etc...)
  • Adding auto-generated API documentation and docblocks through the coffeekraken-docblock-to-markdown node module
  • Adding some styleguide docblock to work with the coffeekraken-carpenter web styleguide and documentation interface
    • Display the states informations
    • Display all the available columns
  • Remove the file in documentation and use the default root file for that.


  • Add the support for the row/col-reverse class in the default driver
  • Fix minor nested grids classes to not use too generic one


  • Do not generate the row-reverse and the col-reverse class in default driver

Allow direct state in universal mixin

  • Allow to make direct state assignation in the universal mixin like @include gridle(mobile 12 push 4)


  • Fix the no-gutter in gridle set documentation that was refering to no_gutter and not no-gutter
  • Fix the call to apply_css_for in non generate phase that was at the base of some issues like not applying the state gutter when using the mixins only, etc...


  • Remove the debug statement that print out "generate classes for mobile", etc...
  • Correct the gridle parameter conversion when there's only 1 parameter that need to be passed to a mixin
  • Add the g-set-generic-class mixin. This allows you to tell the framework which generic class to use when generate classes for some element targeting like [class*="no-gutter"] > .row { ...
  • Improve clear-each classes to target grid element even if others elements are injected in the html between grids (thanks Robert Krieg)


  • By default, do not register default states like tv, retina, etc. If you want them, set $gridle-default-states to true


  • Due to some weird things, on firefox the row-align middle need to have a tiny margin-right applied to avoid line breaks


  • Due to float that have been removed in 2.0.4, the clear and clear-each did not worked properly anymore. It's now all ok
  • Some weird issues happend when extend in an at-root statement.


  • Add gridle universal mixin. The universal mixin allows you to write complexe gridle instructions in 1 line
  • Add the dir attribute support. You can now specify that a part of your layout has a different direction with the dir="rtl" html attribute
  • Add support for the column-width setting in setup. This has to be used only if you now what you are doing. By default gridle is a percentage based grid system...


  • Your grid will now have the full container width available cause all the rows will expand themselves by the gutter width. This is a better behavior.
  • There's now a LICENSE.txt file in the repo.


  • You have now support for element queries.


  • To handle the nested grids, previous version had a parent class. This is no more needed.
  • The new row class is at some point a replacement for the parent one. This class has to wrap each "lines" of columns. You will have more control over your columns alignement, etc...
  • The grid-... classes has now became gr-... . It's 2 letters I know but this mean a lot in a large project...
  • Now all of the grid classes stay in the same format. To scope a class in a particular state, just add @{stateName} at the end of your classname.
  • The all new gr-grow and gr-adapt classes allows you to create columns that will behave dpending of the column content instead of a specific width.
  • The all new row-align-... classes allows you to align your columns as you want (top, middle, bottom, left, center, right).
  • Gridle has now a full flex version. To use this version, check out the driver section on the documentation. Some features are only available in a specific driver
  • Gridle has now multiple drivers that you can use to generate your grid. For now the default and the flex driver are available. Some features are only available in a specific driver (cf. documentation).
  • These classes are useful in conjunction with the gr-adapt and gr-grow to handle complexe layouts.
  • The new row-full class allows you to make a row take the entire screen width.
  • Some new classes to order your columns
  • You can now nest your gridle_... mixins in a gridle_state one
  • Some new functions have been added to the api (cd. documentation)
  • Update all comments to avoid comments in generated css


  • Fix compatibility with gridle_state(min-width, max-width) mixin
  • Expose some functions to public API and document them


  • Adding a gridle.min.js that to not fetch .map file


  • Fix issue with gridle.js and regexp to grab states in css file


  • Fix some deprecated messages warning (thanks to omgmog)
  • publish to npm


  • Fix issue with gridle mixin when want to specify a context as second parameter
  • Add ability to use custom registered columns in gridle mixin like so : @include gridle('1on5');
  • Add tests.scss file to make sure nothing will be broken in future releases
  • Optimize output css to avoid multiple css declaration when not needed



  • Fix issue with sass 3.4 !global thing...


  • Fix issue with the ddpx shit in chrome (you're welcome Luca Pillonel, my dear collegue that yield for this """"""issue"""""" since... I can't even remember.....)


  • Add gridle_set mixin to help users that use mixins apply more than 1 gridle mixin on an item


  • Fix some classes generation issues when setting up classes : false
  • Register default helpful states like retina, print, tv, etc... that does not generate classes by default
  • Adding a global setting to generate or not the json settings in css (used by gridle.js)


  • Make the mixins gridle, gridle_push, pull, etc... handle the name multiplicator. So if you have a context of 20 and a name multiplicator, when you want a full with column, you need to set gridle(100, mobile). The 100 is not 100%, but your context 20 * your name multiplicator 5


  • Add compass gem support


  • Update gridle.js to 1.0.1
  • Add "cssPath" setting to make gridle fetch only this css file to find states


  • Make the gridle_generate_classes mixin handler order of requested "what" classes